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Ondas Holdings Signs Term Sheet to Acquire Airobotics


Ondas Holdings Inc., a leading provider of private wireless, drone and automated data solutions through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Ondas Networks Inc. and American Robotics, Inc. (“AR”), announced that it has signed a term sheet to acquire through acquisition or merger AIROBOTICS Ltd., a leading Israeli developer of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems and automated data analysis and visualization platforms.* The addition of Airobotics is expected to help accelerate American Robotics’ technical development and regulatory roadmap, and expand the breath of applications, use cases and vertical markets AR targets. The parties intend to complete the proposed acquisition or merger in the second half of 2022.

“Airobotics’ Optimus System is a sophisticated automated drone platform designed for high- value use cases in industrial, homeland security and smart city services markets,” said Eric Brock, Chairman and CEO of Ondas. “The proposed acquisition of Airobotics will provide strategic technology, regulatory and business capabilities to both American Robotics and Ondas Networks, opening new geographies and end markets, and further strengthening our ability to deliver complete end-to-end solutions for customers on a global scale. This opportunity demonstrates the leadership role Ondas Networks and American Robotics currently have in defining next-generation, mission-critical industrial data solutions and signals a new growth phase for the commercial drone sector.”

Source: Inside Unmanned Systems


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