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Autonomous Drones Are (Finally) Being Deployed to Solve Inventory and Supply Chain Challenges

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | AUGUST 3, 2021

We’ve explored the autonomous capabilities of drones and highlighted the numerous companies that have championed them for many years now. These applications fueled an incredible amount of excitement as stakeholders in multiple industries envisioned what it could mean to deploy this technology at scale. As part of a drone-in-a-box solution, such capabilities could completely change how inspection, tracking and plenty of other specific tasks could be performed.

Unfortunately, challenges with regulation and production limited where and how these solutions could be deployed. FAA regulation meant that a human needed to be in loop regardless of how safe these autonomous capabilities made the operation, while production limitations with the actual drone-in-a-box solutions kept them from being used at anywhere close to scale.

Source: Commercial UAV News


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