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AR Receives FAA Exemption to Operate its Scout Drones Autonomously & Scale Up Commercial Operations

Brian Heater | September 1, 2022

Monday is Labor Day here in the States. In most households, it’s come to mean one final three-day weekend to mark the end of the summer. It’s a bittersweet feeling that stirs up all sorts of back-to-school excitement/dread buried deep down inside my lizard brain. It’s neither surprising nor particularly upsetting that the day has lost its meaning for many — that’s just how society and cultures roll.

It’s also an indication that America has made a good deal of progress on the labor front since President Grover Cleveland signed the national holiday into law in 1894 — and a dozen years later, when Upton Sinclair published “The Jungle,” a scathing novel that doubled as a takedown of America’s wildly unsafe and unsanitary meatpacking industry.

Source: TechCrunch


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