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12 Boston-Area Startups Aiming to Disrupt Agriculture

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

By Kelly J. O'Brien – Technology Reporter, Boston Business Journal Apr 17, 2017

As spring finally arrives, Boston is reminding winter weary residents that its blooming flowers and trees can put on a lovely show when they get the chance.

But a growing number of local entrepreneurs are thinking about blooms, sprouts and harvests all year round. They're members of the Boston area's flowering agricultural technology sector, which has been attracting investment and attention over the past several years.

Last year, Anterra Capital, a Dutch investment firm, closed a $125 million fund aimed at agricultural technology companies and at the same time opened its U.S. headquarters in Boston. Local investors have also taken interest in the area, like Spark Capital and Flagship Pioneering, which created two of the top startups included in our roundup.

Source: Boston Business journal


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