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Airobotics, SkyGo Plan Autonomous Drone Network for Abu Dhabi

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Ishveena Singh - Feb. 8th 2023

Airobotics has announced a $3.5 million purchase order and joint venture with SkyGo, a UAE-based company that has a commercial license to provide uncrewed aerial transport of goods and services across the city of Abu Dhabi. This news follows the recent acquisition of Airobotics by Ondas Holdings.

The companies will move forward in launching a first-of-its-kind deployment of “Urban Drone Infrastructure” throughout Abu Dhabi for public service. Airobotics Optimus System, an autonomous drone platform with powerful capabilities, will be leveraged for the project. It’s hoped that the system will serve as a benchmark for the rest of the world, especially major cities.

Airobotics and SkyGo expect to deploy more than 20 drone systems across Abu Dhabi over the next few years. Airobotics explains that the drones, subject to necessary approvals and permits, will be deployed at industrial and municipal sites for various services and capabilities including providing public services in a sustainable and scalable manner.

The drone infrastructure, which is designed to operate as a network of smart drones, will be used in various cases such as aerial priority delivery and monitoring missions to increase the safety and quality of industrial operations in facilities such as ports, railways, and highways.

Source: Drone DJ


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