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Why America’s Infrastructure Needs the Drone Industry

By Danielle Gagne APRIL 21, 2021

America’s infrastructure is aging, and like anything that ages, it needs more upkeep. Almost everyone has been impacted in some way by failing or under inspected infrastructure. It can be something as minor as a power outage, spending hours on a two-hour train ride because the signaling system broke down or sinking hundreds of dollars into car repairs after hitting a pothole. Or an infrastructure failure can be as catastrophic as national disasters like the Oroville Dam Collapse, the Louisiana Levee Break during Hurricane Katrina, or the mass power outages of 2021 in Texas. And then there are underserved communities who don’t even have the infrastructure they need to thrive in a modern world.

If you get the sense that the way we inspected, built, and tested our infrastructure fifty years ago, when most of it was new, may no longer be adequate—you are right.

Source: Commercial UAV News


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