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The Drone Revolution: Robots Are Taking Over!

By Jaxon Caines, Hart Energy | Nov. 22, 2022

Jason Cornell, vice president of product at American Robotics, describes the standard inspection process very “manual” and “expensive.”

Using the standard approach, human error is more likely to contribute to mistakes and inspections might not occur as frequently as one would want. Using American Robotics’ Scout System—a completely autonomous, self-charging, self-navigating drone equipped with high-resolution visual and thermal cameras, as well as sensors to detect methane leaks—these issues are mitigated.

The Scout System not only safeguards employees and the environment, but also drastically reduces opex. Their customer interface software ScoutView, allows for accurate data to be collected and disseminated to customers all for the cost of a drone and subscription. The procedure even reduces reputational risk as it is federally approved.

Source: E&P Magazine | Hart Energy


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