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American Robotics’ Owner Set to Acquire Fellow Drone Firm, Airobotics

Brian Heater • July 5, 2022

Some drone industry consolidation this morning as Ondas Holdings, the company behind Waltham, Massachusetts–based American Robotics announced its plans to acquire Airobotics. It’s admittedly been a few years since we covered the latter, when the Israeli firm announced a combined $28.5 million A/B round.

To date, the company has raised $130 million since its 2014 founding. American Robotics, meanwhile, was acquired by Ondas in August of last year.

The new deal should prove a good fit, as both companies play similar roles within the broader industrial drone space. While there’s bound to be a fair bit of redundancy, Ondas notes that such a merging would give the combined companies a better global foothold in a rapidly expanding category.

Source: Tech Crunch


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