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Ondas Holdings Buys American Robotics, a Marlborough Autonomous Drone Company, For $71 Million

By Anissa Gardizy Globe Staff,Updated May 18, 2021

Ondas Holdings Inc. announced on Monday that it has agreed to acquire American Robotics, a Marlborough-based startup that makes autonomous drones, in a deal valued at about $71 million.

American Robotics’ drones help companies monitor operations and collect and analyze data through continuous, unmanned drone flights. With the acquisition, Nantucket-based Ondas Holdings plans to augment its technology offerings for customers in the industrial market, from agriculture to utility companies.

In January, American Robotics was the first company cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate its drones “beyond-visual-line-of-sight” without an operator on the ground. That means the drones can automatically leave their white crates to do flights and collect data without human involvement.

Source: Boston Globe


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